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You will enter into a journey of self-discovery, waking up to who you are, why you are here. You are energy. You are Spirit. Mind. Body. Awakening and Balancing your yin and yang and your Chakra Energies. Surrendering and Trusting to your Higher Self . (If you follow a particular religion you will focus your energies through those powerful forces.) Taking control and Letting go.

"In the work of the theatre the Holy actor, so named because of their deep connections to the ancient healing powers of the shamans who were the first actors on this earth, must grapple with all aspects of human nature, live it, breathe it and if the play is written right, heal the pain of it and rejoice in the joy of it. I have moved through many layers in this journey and worked with many wonderful shamans and healers, actors and teachers."

Sue's work in theatre, film and television has had her tread a most unusual path towards this discovery of breakthrough techniques to facilitate self-healing and self-empowerment in our lives. Theatrical tour-de-forces such as Near Ms's and Slice of Her Life certainly stand as monuments to her own powers to heal herself and others as well.

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ACTING ON INSPIRATION shamanic techniques for performance

Six dynamic sessions!

Sue Ingleton has trained in and practised Shamanic theatre techniques for the past thirty years. Release Fear, Welcome Trust and Surrender to your Creative Higher Self. These workshops are powerful, life changing, utterly terrifying and divinely hilarious! Dive in! These basic areas to be covered:

Basics in Grounding and Centering

which allows them to experience the flow of the two major energies, which can be named as the Manifesting and Liberating Currents; one moves down from the crown and the other moves up from the earth. utilisation of these two forces enable the student to first recognise then clear and release energy blocks from the body. These blocks show up in the physical body but when they are given tools for both recognising and releasing them on an emotional level first, the body stays clear and fully usable.

Male and Female Energies - Concepts of Yin & Yang.

Through guided meditations, artwork and dance the students recognise the inner flow of these two uniting and opposing forces. bring them into balance, enhancing the levels of trust within their own body- ownership; recognising and increasing the delight in their own gender; learning to see where a character is out of balance and consequently where either energy can determine character traits. Releasing fear and judgement. Playing a man/ playing a woman.

Creating and Destroying.

Intense work centering on the creative mind forces that hold judgement, conditional love, fear of loss, fear of recreating the performance. Guiding the student to being in the moment, letting go old energy, old ideas. Introduction to seeking guidance from their own higher energies. Tools for this.

  1. sessions x 3 hours

Maximum number of students 12

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Intensive Weekend: Creating Your Own Performance

An intensive weekend workshop that takes you on a power journey through the body and mind, culminating in a performance piece that you have written and a character that you have created! Learn this unique form of energy work; using the shamanistic techniques of shape-shifting and activation of chakras, Sue gets you moving through any blockages and judgements that hold you back from accessing the true source of your individual creativity. Ideal for actors who want to devise their own work


Friday Evening- 6.30-9.30pm

Introduction to Chakra Energy Training.

Basics in Shamanism and Shape-Shifting Techniques

Saturday- Full Day-9-5.30pm

Intensive Dynamic Warmup and grounding work

Generic Writing Session

Editing and practical utilisation of Shamanic character work

Sunday- Full Day 9-5.30pm

Development of individuals writing and performance, involving the incorporation of Myth and Legend.- extending the structure.

At the end of the weekend the participant has created a theatrical monologue, developed a completely new and rounded character with insights into the character's deep emotional body, its past and future lives and realised their potential towards creating their own theatre.

Bring lunch, journals, soft clothing

Maximum number of students 8

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