Healing the Light Body

Walking the Shaman Path to Healing

‘healing comes only from that which leads the patient beyond the self and
beyond the entanglements with ego’

IN this new millennium, the universe and our souls are demanding that we move forward with greater open mindedness towards the acceptance that we truly are amazing, holistic beings. Through such ancient practices as yoga, meditation and chakra balancing we have opened our minds to the higher levels of healing available to us.

Healing the Light Body involves the practitioner working through the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) or auric shield which consists of eight electronic energy fields which extend several meters beyond the physical body and which are connected to the Higher Self. It is the first four bodies which concern us here. The Etheric, the Emotional, the Mental and the first Astral body, called the Causal. Nothing enters the physical body but that it has first travelled through the path of the LEF. So, how does it get into us? Through the energy centres known as the chakras. There are seven major chakras that provide a vertical power centre through the middle of the body. Like an interwoven rope of colours, beginning at the base of the spine, ending at the top of the head the two lower
chakras govern physical energies, the middle three govern personal development and the top two govern spiritual practices
encompassing unconditional love.

Your chakra energies activate in your body through its endocrinal system, informing and imprinting emotions and belief patterns that run
your life. The Luminous Body holds a template of our health. It encodes how we live, how we age, how we heal and how we will die.

Healing the Light Body is inter-dimensional. It addresses you as a whole being, rather than simply the situation at hand.
As above, so below. You exist not only in this here and now, but also holographically, experiencing many effects to the totality of your
experience. Because of this, the three-dimensional 'You' is often affected with unexplainable recurrences of situations, or physical
anomalies that are generally unsolved by contemporary medical diagnosis or testing. I am able to literally see holographically,
addressing blockages, past life influences, energetic anomalies, attachments, entities, soul contracts, past life experiences, and most
other affectations that are influencing you in the here and now. When I say I, it is not that I am performing this work alone, rather, I am
the facilitator to those who will come and give that which is needed.

Your openness and willingness to move past the issues is empowered by the various guides and ascended Masters who support the

The one-on-one session involves the 'reading' of your chakras, the tracking and extraction of imprints and pathologies from the
Luminous Energy Field (LEF) and the realignment and imprinting of higher vibrational frequencies.
If there is fragmentation resulting from various causes, the fragments are reassembled toward wholeness.
You are not passive but active throughout this work. You will take away with you healing tools for maintaining the Self.


I believe in awakening the individual to their personal power and taking on responsibility for their healing.
When the LEF is clear and in a state of optimal wellness, your body and soul remain strong, glowing and disease free. Luminous
Healing enhances the immune system and accelerates the healing of emotional wounds. It offers us keys to enter the domains of
extraordinary possibility described by quantum physics and ancient mythologies.

Humans can undergo physical, mental and emotional changes which can cause transformational changes but if
their consciousness is not changed with Spirit, then the transformation is incomplete.

Master Kuthumi.


"The lessons are integrated at an energetic level. When toxic energies in a chakra are combusted, the natural seeds of that
chakra can grow. When fear no longer lives in our belly, compassion blooms; when scarcity no longer resides in our first chakra,
we experience the abundant love of the Universe; when grief no longer dwells in our third chakra, we can change the world. Our
luminous architecture changes. Weeks later intellectual understanding follows. In our work, understanding always follows
healing. Change happens first at a core energetic level, and then the intellect gets it. In contrast, in the West we insist that
understanding must precede healing. We first rehash and rationalise how our mother or father was not emotionally available
for us before we embark on change. In luminous healing, the mind can have its insight after the energy field and the body
change, but transformation can never be preceded by the intellect."

Alberto Villoldo. Four Winds Society.


Suzanne is trained in Reiki, CHE, Past Life Therapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Ascended Mastery. Her shamanic training has been undertaken in France, USA, Netherlands and Australia. She facilitates her workshops in sacred theatre, shamanic performance, Innerworld Initiation and SoulPurpose Journeys in Australia, N.Z., USA, Europe and Malaysia. Suzanne is an award-winning actor, writer and director, a leading theatrical innovator, whose extensive career is recognised Internationally.

Sue is trained in the Shamanic process of clearing and balancing energy through the chakras. She is also trained in Reiki and Pranic healing, CHE (cosmic healing energy) and Body Memory Retrieval and Past Life Healing (Light Institute of Galisteo). Sessions are focussed on the balancing, clearing, cleaning the chakras, the gateway to the physical body.

One hour sessions by appointment.