Womens' Innerworld Initiation

Women have so many secret pockets and undiscovered ravines the government never dreamed. If protests arise they will come from the women. The men wear their lives and thoughts like outhouses, big barns on their estates that can be burned down without a trace of the harvest; but these pleated females with their folds and tucks and creases- some part of their lives will never be cleaned away; it is they who will keep the race- the memory. Flower seed in the crack of the world- Janet Frame.

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The time we spend together is all about discovering our deep feminine intuition and energies.
In this day and age we have moved very far away from our true power which involves embracing the dark and the light.

The church fathers have removed from our culture, but not our psyches, all symbols of the Dark Mother.

In eastern cultures she remains as Kali (the Giver and Destroyer) but in our culture we were only left with the Virgin Mary, cut off from her shadow side.
In mythology and fairytale we meet that shadow in the form of Witches, the Erenyes, the Gorgon and Medusa.

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It is the things in our lives that we refuse to look at, that ultimately rule us.

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I work with Energy principles from both the eastern traditions of Chakra energies and the Celtic underworld Mysteries involving the Labyrinth Work and also with the principles of transpersonal psychology. It is important to know that if you follow a religious path this work will serve to enhance your connections to that path and to your god.
Our time together will involve a lot of movement, some creative writing and drawing and deep journey work. Please bring with you your lunch, personal tools of power, journals and something soft and flowing to wear in ritual to honour the Goddess

Be prepared to enter the Labyrinth

It’s in your hands

Men make History Women make Mystery

  • ‘I came frightened and left empowered’- Ann Frost of Raymond Terrace.
  • You will discover the Power, hidden and inaccessible within you so long as you
    continue your current life’s activities.
  • You will awaken in yourself the journey to becoming a complete woman.
  • You will recognise the Power of the Feminine- changing everything you touch.
  • You will have the Power to Intuitively create and understand.

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Women make mystery, men make history

Mysteries do not begin in the light, they have their beginnings in the dark- ‘from out of chaos and darkness’ –‘In the Beginning Darkness was upon the face of the Earth…’
Patriachy has no beginnings, it has only endings, uprisings and falling downs.
I took a journey to the underbelly of the earth today and I found Queen Ereshkigal, ruler of the Underworld, laughing- but as I looked closer I saw her lips were stretched back over her monstrous teeth not in laughter but in agony..
The force of the Shadow Mother is upon her. Not Mother Night, the undersoul of the furies no, but her own distasteful, unredeemable energy of the Shadow; it dances the macabre across her face blocking her true power, muddying her ancient reason.
Her face, once savage in its own beauty, raw in its true self, mirroring the last great truth, once worshipped and kept in awe is now the distorted mirror of a Luna Park ghost, pulled from shape and acid-riddled with decay so that her destructive poisons have gone awry- disempowered and suppressed she can but deliver death to the innocent, sufferings to the children, earth decayed, air polluted, water poisoned and a fire burning from whose ashes no phoenix will rise.
It is Apollo, dressed in a white frock, who rises, rises in the laboratories whilst pale Athena, still maintaining she was born of man, guards the gateways to the masculine temples. Orestes, the mother-killer, goes free in this world and, once sanctioned, cuts a swathe whilst all watch, their mouths sealed.
Men striving forward for so long with such unsatisfactory results. For they know what they do, they know what they do. They are boys with the biggest toy of all- The Planet Earth and they will not question what they do for it contradicts their ‘god given right’ to destroy. Why should they take care of the Mother? That law was broken when Orestes was pardoned for murdering his Mother and the three sisters, the Erinyes, Alecto("the angry"), Megaera ("the grudging") and Tisiphone("the avenger"), these Furies, avengers of matricide, were banished.

Men have looked back over their shoulder to see woman standing behind them in the Dark and they want that Secret but they want it without dying for it and they are reaching in now with their fibre-optic cameras and steel instruments and they plunder around the darkness, in that secret darkness and they shine their quartz halogen lamps in there, in there where no light should be and they pluck and probe and suck out the mystery and put it into their white, white, white laboratories, into their glass, glass, glass petrie dishes and watch through their overhead mirrors at their own reflections, double the size, at their shining anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-slime, anti-compost mud female quality of their work and they think they have the mystery in their jars, their glass tubes, reflected in their microscopic eyes... and they promise, they promise they can stand and deliver!... but Chaos will not be tamed. Her mystery will die, the secret will not reveal itself to this false light.
So they believe they have created life- they believe. They think it’s just a matter of matter.

Cells, glands, bones, veins, you know the list.

But the Mystery does not give Her presence.

Her silence is golden and in the end there is no Light in these laboratory creatures for in the beginning there was no Dark.

© Sue Ingleton 2000. The temple of the Oracle at Delphi, Greece.

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