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SouthernLight Shamanic Laboratory is geared for schools! Sue Ingleton has been working in Secondary schools for over eight years performing Mythtery , her renowned one-woman performance, and teaching creative writing. She has written plays for schools (LINK TO CV) and through her humour and intelligence she manages to elevate the student to a higher sense of self-worth through allowing them to access their creativity in a easy, non-judgemental way. Check out the workshops available to your school.


Using the method developed by New York playwright Irina Maria Fornes, and enhanced by the shamanic process Sue teaches a technique of creative writing from the subconscious- a method which cuts across all expectation and judgement of the student's capability or past performance in the classroom.

It is exciting and above all, self-empowering. The students will obtain, in a double period, three pieces of writing which can be used in folio work or further edited and played with to create one full document. They are taught two methods of release, one through visual stimulation and the other through mental suggestion.

The sessions need a double period and, where possible, Max .30 students.

A room large enough for the students to engage in a physical warm up before writing- can be done around the desk set up. Separate desks or tables arranged, preferably, in a circular pattern or area where they can all write together. A white board.

$120.00 for double period.

Advisable to program a morning session.

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What to do!? Here is the dream solution to those pesky Dramatic Monologues.

Sue brings a unique, highly liberating method into your classroom. It takes the student directly into the character. Using her unique shamanic shape-shifting process, it's as if the characters are channelled. Guidelines are absorbed in the process.

Stage One: double period your student will write the complete monologue.

Stage Two: double period they will edit and dramaturg the piece and begin the practical, shamanic experience of channelling that character, understanding the character's motivation - where they are coming from.

Stage Three:performance of the piece through impulse technique work and visualisation . This may demand two or three sessions depending on the number of students.

Ideally if we could have the students together over a Saturday morning we would accomplish Stage Three. If week day schedules do not permit the time here, this workshop can be arranged to take place over weekend times.

  1. creation of a complete monologue and character.

  2. Editing process

  3. Performance of the piece.

Max 15 students.

Times to be discussed.

Cost $60/hour or$300/day

Location. Initially we need desks/tables for writing. Then a rehearsal/drama space- preferably wooden floor. Not a stage. Cd/Tape facilities. White board


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Sue's work in schools involves the exploration of vocal techniques, body relaxation techniques, understanding text, performance structure, creating plays and the uses of energy which centres and empowers the performer. If your drama co-ordinator has a specific area eg. a production in process, which s/he would like Sue to help in that is fine. Requests for text to be used will be happily received.

Double period


Students.Max 30

Location. Drama room, preferably wooden floor. Cd/Tape facilities

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Sue has an ability to bring the language of Shakespeare and the understanding of his text right home to young minds who are confronting this difficult medium for the first time. Workshops around the text in the classroom with the teachers are entertaining and revelatory.

Double period

Cost: $120.00

Students: Full class.

Location: Classroom

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A fast and furious drama workshop for senior students!

This technique has its origins in ancient tribal theatre and we now reclaim it for our modern day purpose. Sue has studied with some of the great new/wave drama teachers in the world, from Gabrielle Roth in New York to Maria Fernandez with PanTheatre in France. Developing her unique form of teaching alongside extraordinary and revolutionary methods of shape-shifting, energy based work, Sue now presents to your students a double period of dramaplay that involves highly energetic group work and individual focus techniques that take the students, body and mind into the realm of the creative mind, letting go the inhibitions that hold them back from truly becoming another character.

In a double period the students will learn about releasing old energies and taking on new forms. They will develop vocal skills and visual techniques that can be applied to any number of situations.

Double period

Students: Max 30

Location. Drama room, preferably wooden floor. Cd/Tape facilities

Costs: per session $120.00.

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